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“I have so many pairs, but I can’t decide which one to wear” does this ring a bell? One, a shoe closet is never complete, and two, the decision to wear which shoe is always chewy. Pumps over Block Heels, Wedges over Mules, Flats, or Sliders, one can never know which one but here’s a back-to-basics guide on Fashion & Style.

Pumps for the Sleek and Chic

(Formal, Party, Cocktails wear)
Pumps go well with body-hugging silhouettes, a sheath dress, Slim pants, cigarette pants, or skinny trousers. Business suits look best with pumps and don’t forget the A-line or Straight-cut dresses. Pumps in neutral colors like Black, Beige, White, and Grey are must-haves.

Heels for the Romantic and Glam

(Formal, Party, Shopping wear)
You can sport heels with practically any dress that isn’t too tight or loose, like a flared skirt, an empire waist dress, a maxi dress, a skater dress, a swing dress, or simply pants. It even goes well with traditional Indian outfits like a saree, suit, or Indo-western outfits. The heel size is more to do with comfort; the heel type is more of a fashion statement, but eventually, the length of the dress decides both heel type and height. Women generally prefer a pair of sexy and sleek heels for dancing. Buy delicate, feminine, and glamorous pencil heels for valentines from the Sole Weavers.

Mules for Casual & Everyday

(Informal, Formal Office, Home, Shopping wear)
Mules come as flats and with heels. Outfits are generally simple and easy-going. Minimalistic wear like leggings with a shirt, boot-cut jeans, a boho-styled skirt, a jumpsuit, a shirt/t-shirt dress, bold editorial style, or men’s wear-inspired Androgynous styled outfits like a Blazer.

Slip-on and Shoes for Comfort

(Informal, Office, Home, Shopping wear)
Slip Ons can be fun, urban, and stylish too. Slip on with a sunshine or boho, denim, maxi dress, or harem pants. Nothing compares to a pair of stylish & decorated shoes with friendly joggers.
Footwear styles come and go, but your pick is not just about the length of the skirt, the color of your dress, or trending fashion; it must blend with your personality and fit right. If you are a woman of style, take home something unique! Be an inspiration!
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