Head over heels or Funky Flats?

Platform heels and Ballerina flats up the list of most trendy shoes in 2022 and continue to dominate this year. What would you prefer?

Durability, Material & Quality

Comfortable heels that give proper cushioning at the front of the toe, the ball of your foot, and support at the ankle keep your feet stable and feeling good all day long. Flat shoes need a comfortable footbed and insole for the correct support. Invest in a good quality pair of heels or flat shoes.
Over time, if the heels are what you wear or flat shoes, alternate between different types of footwear in a day to lessen the pressure on your feet.

Fit and Size

Heels come in a variety of sizes and types. Platform heels, block heels, wedges, stilettos, kitten heels, and more. Choose something that feels right for you. Ideally, wide and low heels like block heels in 2 inches or less are decent for work. It is not necessary that the right size of shoes is also the right fit for you. A thin sole flat shoe worn for long hours can be a problem for your feet. Investing in properly fitting shoes is a must, heels or no heels, especially for long-time wear.
Walk around in them to really know what best feels comfortable without any extra pressure on your toes and your shoes grip your heel.Unlike Mss. Komal D, you can also walk inn to our workshop and give your prefect shoe size measurement, share your concerns with our designers to get tailor made footwear for you. Komal faces swollen feet problem due to her hectic work schedule, and use to struggle to find best fitted shoe for her. We took her perfect measurement and made this beautiful pair of footwear for her wedding day.

A shoe that lets you breathe

Breathe easy in whichever footwear you chose to wear. Your toes need the space, to breathe easily. Too tight a toe box, heels or flats, is not a right fit for sure. No shoe is meant to be worn for long periods of time, be it heels or flats, mules or flip-flops, ballerinas or pumps.
Slip out and rest your feet, for maximum comfort.

A sexy and a stylish shoe

A pair of heels for an average-height woman boosts confidence. Wearing heels is sexy and stylish, to any outfit on you looks amazing. Flats can be sexy and stylish too, more preferred by women who are tall and don’t wish to look taller. Obviously, you can do more and walk long distances wearing flats, but not all flats. Sexy and Comfortable must go hand in hand, to walk toe-to-toe.

If you can walk in heels comfortably, do that. Unless, you have a health issue concerning your joints, feet, or gait. Heels or flats, they both are amazing.
Head over heels? Heels with proper cushioning material, shoes in the right measurement, and in-sole material that does irritate the skin can be made to measure while keeping the style statement bold, funky, and sexy. Sole Weavers are masters in customized footwear. If you are in Mumbai, book your appointment with them now to get your comfortable pair of heels or flats.
Prevent injury, and leg sprain, and walk confidently wherever you go. A shoe must compliment your personality and complete your outfit beautifully.

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