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Sole Weavers is a, Make in India, Footwear brand based out of Mumbai. Established by Shraddha Joshi, Entrepreneur and Footwear Designer from FDDI, Mumbai, Sole Weavers officially launched its e-store at https://www.soleweavers24.com/ in March 2022. The company envisions bringing back the culture of handcrafted shoes for the modern, style-conscious, astute Indian who doesn’t settle for less but is constantly on the look-out for a pair of shoes that is The Best From The Rest when it comes to style, comfort, and price. Sole Weavers is Handcrafted Luxury for you.

Find Your Perfect Fit: Ready-To-Wear and Made-To-Measure options are available for you.

Sole Weaver’s online store presents a large variety of women’s shoes. Choose from Slip-on, Comfort wear, Flats, Heels, Jutties, Kolhapuri, Mules, Pumps, Sliders, Wedges, and more. You can even place an order for customized footwear as per your specifications by writing to Sole Weavers at [email protected] or calling on their What’s app number: +919702433761. Take advantage of the SALE. Grab exciting deals for online shopping!

Sole Weavers is not just making shoes; it is weaving dreams. A shoe on your wishlist can now be on your feet. We promise to deliver only the best quality shoes handcrafted by expert artisans. The comfort of our shoes will keep your feet light and have you dancing from day to night.

Our Mission is to weave a perfect pair of shoes that is comfortable and looks great too! To live up to our mission statement, Sole Weavers is committed to helping those unable to find the right fit and size on the racks.

Our USP: A Sole Weavers shoe is beautiful inside out. It looks beautiful, and it feels beautiful. Just what you desire and what you need. Get Style & Comfort in a glamorous pair of shoes from us.

We want you to try and buy our shoes, so we have kept our prices inexpensive. Vegan & handcrafted luxury made-to-measure so that no size is odd, and no fit is wrong. Our shoe is a perfect fit for you!

Our Brand Philosophy

To care for the planet and people and promote the priceless shoe-making tradition of India.

As a responsible brand, we put forth our craftsman’s interest by promoting traditional shoe-making art using old-world techniques and encouraging Indian artisans. We bring together the best traditional shoe-making practices with modern designs, styles, and high-class quality that our customers value.

We carefully source our raw materials within India to craft shoes responsibly. In shoe-making, we ensure that every raw material is efficiently used and there is no harm to any life. Proud to say that we are a cruelty-free, homegrown brand that not only cares for the quality we offer to the people but also cares for the planet. This philosophy of ours makes us a brand true to its ethos and morals.

About Shraddha Joshi:

Shraddha, an Entrepreneur and Footwear Designer from FDDI, Mumbai, independently started Sole Weavers in March 2022. She has previously handled diverse functional portfolios – Operations, HR, Finance, and Product Design. Her expertise in Credit Quality and Ratings Management, Team Management, Client Communication, Financial Operations, and Industry and business model analysis is commendable. Her journey with Sole Weavers has been very invigorating and demanding. In her spare time, she enjoys Trekking & Traveling. Shraddha takes a keen interest in caring for stray dogs.

“Things that look pretty may not be comfortable and vice-versa. This is an age-old problem that we at Sole Weavers are trying to resolve for our customers, giving them the right fit for the design they love,” say’s Shraddha Joshi. She adds, “Creating value through customization is our forte. We have been successful in making shoes for those unable to find the right size or fit or even with foot problems. We have designed shoes for size 43 EUR for a customer with swollen feet who has never worn shoes other than Black closed shoes, a few situations we helped resolve.”

Today, Sole Weavers is available to its customers online through their e-Store and exhibitions. Recently, it was in the news for the Pehnava, Shaadi Sakhi exhibition in Thane Mumbai. You can contact us at [email protected] or our What’s app number: +919702433761 for bespoke footwear needs.


We started small, from a unit in Thane, Mumbai, with five employees. Our story is a very prudent and personal belief that Style and Ease Can Belong To The Same Place.

It took me great courage to give up on my well-established career of seven years in financial services to begin my journey of setting up a shoe brand.

To many, it may be a crazy decision to take a road less traveled. To me, it is a drive to chase my dreams and my passion, not to give up and follow the path where my heart takes me.

Besides my spirit and zeal for shoe-making, what keeps me going is the positive feedback I receive from my customers, the efforts of my team, and the artisans who have played a significant role in making us what we are today.

Putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes, understanding their challenges, their need, and their desire is what goes into crafting the right pair of shoes for them they can flaunt. Sole weavers is not a shoe store; it is an experience that feels genuinely personal – Never felt the same before!
It makes for a happy story for any Soul Weaver craftsman.

To every Cinderella, we are a fairy Godmother! Don’t believe it?
Wish upon a shoe, and let the magic happen.

Why buy Sole Weavers shoes?

  • Sole Weavers shoes are Vegan, handcrafted, and Made in India.
  • Sole Weavers shoes are Measure-To-Order bespoke shoes.
  • Sole Weaver shoes are Affordable Luxury.
  • Sole Weavers shoes cater to foot-related problems, like wide feet, big feet, broad toe shape, flat feet, swollen feet, and odd sizes.
  • Sole Weaver shoes you can wear all day long without feeling tired.
  • Sole Weavers shoes never have you to compromise on their versatility and comfort.
  • Sole Weavers shoes are unique and different from the rest of the shoes on the rack.

Sole Weavers
She walks, She Leads…

We value your confidence, respect, and position in how you walk the talk.

Every shoe changes the way a woman walks, sits, and speaks. It’s true!

Team them up with trousers or jazz them up with your dress; you will make the heads turn.

A Sole Weaver’s shoe will never let you down, only to admire the shoe you are wearing.


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