The artistry collection is an ode to Nature, without which, there was and will never be a creation.

Artistry- meaning ‘Art’, finds it’s meaning in a muse. For Sole Weavers, this season, our muse is Nature. What inspired us to create this collection are the many forms in Nature- the trees, the birds, the sky, the seas, which we find ourselves surrounded by in our everyday life.

Flats on-Fleek

Only because, these forms feel mundane and seem to be everywhere, we over look their beauty.

Hence, we created a collection that you can wear everyday, and be reminded of the beauty of simple pleasures of life. Each step that you will take wearing the shoes from this collection, will be a step towards celebrating the art created by Nature.

Our new collection ‘ artistry ‘ will keep you close to the Nature, to the Earth, and to your roots, yet, it will feel so light as though you are gliding high in the sky.

The Making

Artistry is a Made in India collection that aims to effectively and efficiently use the raw materials given to us by nature. A purely handcrafted collection, it is created to save Nature, without using any animal byproduct. Every shoe in this line incorporates only organic or vegan man made fabrics that is the first step that we take in making, towards conscious fashion and a sustainable lifestyle.


Every modern woman who values and cherishes her roots, has the heart of this collection. Artistry is designed for the millennial woman, who pays attention to her comfort as much as she pays attention to her style.

She is a true 21st century woman who is independent in her thoughts and a wise figure who can distinguish between the good and bad to voice for the right. This quality of hers is what makes her choose a lifestyle that revolves around mindful luxury.

The Design Philosophy

From our new collection that emphasises on style and comfort, one can expect beautifully designed loafers, oxfords, and sling backs that are flexible and can be mixed and matched with various wardrobe separates. The color palatte ranges from pastels to vibrant and covers the needs of women from all walks of life.

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